About Us

Our Team

Jason Holinaty

Jason, along with his wife Karyn, own and operate Vista Roofing. With 20 years of roofing experience Jason adds valuable knowledge that makes Vista Roofing rise above the competition. Jason purchased Vista Roofing in May of 2015 and now operates it from his place in Summerland, BC where he has operated the South Okanagan division, SIS Roofing, for 14 years. Along with his family, Jason enjoys hiking, getting into the outdoors and skiing in the winter. The driving force behind Jason is his Christian faith and he strives to have Vista’s core values; Honesty, Integrity, Quality & Community play out in his life.

Luke Johnson
Office Manager

Luke brings valuable administrative experience to the Vista Roofing office. He has been with Vista for just over 1 year now. Luke runs his own business, Open Skies Media, building websites for clients as well as managing this website for Vista. In his spare time Luke likes to hang out with his family, go to the beach in the summer and golf, though not as much as he’d like too! Luke’s Christian faith forms his character making his personal morals line-up with his business morals; Honesty, Integrity, Quality & Community.


Richard Batke
Operations Manager

Having run the Calgary roofing division, Richard now joins us in the Okanagan as another key piece to the Vista Roofing team. With years of valuable management experience, Richard oversees the day-to-day functioning of Vista and keeps it well oiled. Richard thoroughly enjoys hanging out with his 3 daughters and getting outdoors in the beautiful Okanagan valley. Richard also hangs his hat on his Christian faith because without it he cannot live out of Honesty, Integrity, Quality & Community.

Mel Hamm
Customer Service Manager

With a 9 year roofing career, Mel is a strong component in the Vista Roofing team. Mel oversees the customer service aspect of Vista and has lots of experience interacting with customers. He has been with the team for a short time but already has made a huge impact on how Vista Roofing operates. Mel loves to spend time with his grandson and family as well as participate in all kinds of sports, most importantly golf. Mel’s Christian faith plays a huge role in how he works, allowing him to demonstrate Honesty, Integrity, Quality & Community.