How do I know if my roof needs replacing?

Visually inspect your roof from the outside. If you see any of the following you will want to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof:

  • cracked, curled, warped or missing shingles
  • gutters clogged with decomposing shingle granules
  • corroded metal flashing
  • a bowed roof (which may indicate rotting wood trusses)
  • rotting fascias and soffits (which may indicate decomposing roof shingles)

Inside your house, look for water damage in ceilings and walls. Don’t forget to look in closets and the attic. Water damage is often first seen around ceiling vents and light fixtures. Soft spots and discoloration in drywall, plaster or wallpaper may also indicate moisture inside the walls. Unseen interior damage behind walls may remain unseen for many months or years resulting in substantial damage and repair costs.

You may not want to wait until your roof gives you problems. After all, your roof protects everything you own. If your roof is over 15 years old it may be time to re-roof. The life of your roof is dependent on many factors including the quality of the original installation, the proximity to trees, regular inspection and maintenance of your roof, and the type of product originally installed. Keep an eye on the appearance of your roof or call a qualified roofing contractor to make a professional assessment.

What should I know about roof ventilation?

Your home needs to breathe and ventilation in your roof and attic system are an important part of a safe and healthy home. Our building code stipulates one vent for every 300 square feet of roof.

Moisture from everyday living (showers, laundry, dishwashing and cooking) needs to escape from your house to prevent mold, mildew and the rotting of your attic wood.

Summer heat needs to escape so your home does not become unbearably hot. Winter heating also needs to escape from attic spaces to prevent ice damming. (Ice dams are the large mass of ice that collects on the lower edge of the roof or in the gutters. As more melting snow runs down the roof, it meets this mass of ice and backs up, sometimes under the shingles and into the attic or the house.)

An effective ventilation system will help:

  • reduce attic heat build-up
  • reduce attic moisture and condensation
  • prevent weather infiltration (drifting snow, wind-driven rain)
  • prevent ice dam build-up
What types of fiberglass / asphalt shingle products are available?

At VISTA ROOFING, we know customers want choices about their roof. Many options are available and we are happy to explain and discuss the Good, Better and Best shingle product options that meet your budget and personal preferences.

3 Star Warranty 4 Star Warranty 5 Star Warranty
No Drip Edge Drip edge Drip edge
No. 15 felt underlayment generally No. 15 felt underlayment generally Ice and water guard throughout the roof
No. 30 felt underlayment on eaves and valleys Ice and water guard in eaves and valleys Ice and water guard throughout the roof
Standard shingles Superior shingles Supreme shingles
Standard capping High profile ridge capping High profile ridge capping
How much will it cost to replace my roof?

A professional on-site assessment is the only accurate way to estimate the cost of a roofing project. Our professional staff will measure your roof and provide you with a written estimate, giving you Good, Better and Best shingle product options that meet your budget and personal preferences. Roofing estimates are always free and without obligation.

Our payment options include cheque and major credit cards.  

VISTA ROOFING is approved to offer bank financing via TD Canada Trust. 

You can roof your home for as little as $69/month! (Based on an asphalt roof conversion for an average-sized home costing $5600 at 7.24% variable annual interest paid over 10 years, O.A.C.  If your roof is a cedar or pine shake needing conversion to asphalt shingles, the same average-sized house would cost approxiamately $98/month.)

Please email or call us at 250.860.8832 for complete details about financing options.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

All of our roofing materials come with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty (or better) depending on the product you choose.

In addition, VISTA ROOFING offers a limited 10-year warranty on all our workmanship.

We also offer an optional 5-Star Warranty which covers workmanship for up to 25 years. This 5-Star Warranty, backed by CertainTeed Corporation, is the best warranty in the industry, giving homeowners tremendous confidence in their roof!

We are committed to ROOFING DONE RIGHT and are determined to satisfy our clients with quality, outstanding service, and professional integrity. You can expect work to be done in a professional, friendly, and timely manner, including detailed clean-up on completion and a prompt response for warranty work.

Where can I find more info about roofing products?

Please browse our roofing material suppliers’ websites: